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We can help you with all aspects of your project. With Mechanical, Electrical, Computer and Software engineers, Aerel has what it takes to turn your ideas into reality



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From tiny printed circuit boards to huge industrial machines, we have a team for that.

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Dreaming up a product? Already have one and need some support? We can help!


Sheet Metal, Plastics and more. We model your design using SOLIDWORKS. This allows us to know how your design will look, feel, and behave before it is even built.


From PCBs to PLCs we can help you control your device. Using Altium Designer, we can design your circuit board and create a 3D model to see how it will fit with the rest of your design. We'll help you understand what your product needs in order to have it do whatever you need


Microcontrollers, Embedded Linux, Industrial Controllers and more. Our software team can bring your product to life. We use up to date, industry standard development enviroments and lanugages to help you get up and running quickly with the ability to easy maintain and upgrade in the future


Product design can be frustrating and scary. We walk you through the process. We focus on ease of sourcing, reliability, price, and quaility. We will work with you to make your product work, feel, and function however you'd like.



Using SOLIDWORKS we can design your product and let you see how it will look before it is ever built. We will provide the necessary documents to get everything built.

We can design plastic, sheet metal, and more. If you can dream it up we can design it

  • 3D Models, prints, prototype assembly
  • 3D printed prototypes
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Using Altium Designer, we can provide you with schematics, PCB layout, assembly files, 3D models and anything else you need to get your circuit board designed and built

We can design anything from simple PCBs to complex designs with blind vias, high layer count, tight design rules, impedance matching, RF antennas, flex circuits and more!

  • Altium Designer
  • Schematics, Layout, Prototypes
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Aerel's software team has a wide range of experience. From small microcontrollers to embedded linux to PLCs, we can do it. Using the industry standard programming languages, we will make your product easy to maintain and update

We are expeienced with Assembly, C, C++, Java, Rust, Javascript, PHP, Ladder Logic, Structured Text and more!

  • Microcontroller Firmware
  • PLC and Industrial Software
  • Drivers and Communication
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We can help with PLC selection and integration. We have worked with a veriety of PLC, motor driver, and other manufacturers.

Get help with a new design or an existing design. We have mechanical and electrical engineers with years of industrial machine experience

  • Electrical Enclosure design and assembly
  • Wiring - Schematics, Routing, Labeling
  • PLC programming and support
  • Mechanical CAD design and assembly
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Sometimes you already have a machine that you depend on. We can help you get it working again. We troubleshoot everything from printed circuit boards to large industrial machines. Whether it is a hardware failure or a software bug, we can help you find it and fix it

  • PCB Repair
  • PLC software troubleshooting
  • Added features to an existing product
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Previous Projects

Browse a small selection of some of the products we have helped design

PCB and housing design
TFX Touch

Order concessions, translate movie audio, control recliner, seat heater, and more!

PCB and housing design

Video and audio recording. SD storage on embedded Linux

Energy Harvesting, RF communication
Hot Drop

Measure power consumption and relay that data wirelessly using LoRa

PCB and Plastics Design
BioWave Go!

FDA approved Chronic pain relief system with BLE control and data logging

Audio Processing Circuit Design
GT Throne

Create an immersive experience by processing game audio into mechanical vibrations

PCB and RF design
TFX Clean Sweep

RF recliner control. Moves all recliners in a theater for cleaning after showings


As a small company, we are able to start your project fast and offer you a price that the bigger companies can't compete with. You get to meet with and discuss your idea with the people that will be developing it.
We can develop anything from compact printed circuit boards in tiny products to large industrial machines. We design all the mechanical, electrical and software portions of your project.
Meet with us today to discuss your needs! We can give you an idea of how long it will take to complete your project and propose an hourly rate.

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